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Lego City Undercover – Video Game Guide

Lego City Undercover is a new video game from the makers of Harry Potter Lego and Star Wars Lego. We take an extensive look at the game, available exclusively on the Nintendo Wii U in December 2012.

Lego City Undercover Guide

Lego City Undercover CityLego City Undercover is a free roam game in the tradition of Grand Theft Auto (but without the hookers or guns).

As Chase McCain you are an undercover policeman, sent on dangerous missions to capture crooks, solve cases and generally have a great time running, driving and flying through the not-so-tough streets of Lego City.

Free-roam means you can go just about anywhere in your search for the bad guys. And the wonderful thing about this sort of game is the level of detail in the city, from bystanders to billboards, there is always something to look at.

Lego City Undercover Chase McCainIt also helps that Lego City bears a striking resemblance to a brickified New York City, complete with a Statue of Liberty and Times Square. As Chase can drive cars and fly helicopters, as well as slide down ropes and climb up staircases, all levels of the city are accessible, diversifying the play experience above street level; balconies, rooftops, no quadrant of the city is safe.

Calling into the Police Dispatch center will give you additional missions along with tips and hints on your current missions if you are having trouble finding your quarry.

A scanner mode will also allow you to flush out criminals hiding in the vicinity.

By changing disguises, Chase can move comfortably among the criminal population gathering clues until he is ready to charge or capture a crook. By adopting different personas Chase can also perform unique tasks, like breaking into an ATM or using a crowbar to a door open – not appropriate for a policeman but, dressed as a crook it’s business as usual. Disguises are unlocked throughout the game and include: Cop, Robber, Builder.

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Lego City Undercover First Impressions

Lego City Undercover Scan ModeI have to say, though my family probably won’t purchase the Wii U console (we already have the Wii and aren’t big gamers) this is highly attractive package for the upcoming console.

If you are on the fence about updating your system, Lego City Undercover might might just sway you to buy.

It’s hard to judge the game in isolation at this early stage.  Obviously this will be a completely unique experience on a number of levels – new console, new controllers, new game.

I am sure more “hard-core” gamers will have their own verdict on the package when it all comes out, but from this “armchair” perspective it looks like a fast-paced and immersive experience.

Like a tablet, integration of the small screen on the Wii U GamePad with the larger TV screen will enable the game to have a real “in-the-moment” feel about it. The ability to “call- in” to dispatch to receive mission updates or to use the personal scanner to locate hidden crooks makes the player feel like they have their own personal communications device, separate from what is happening on the TV.

Time will obviously tell with the game but given it is being produced by Travellers Tales, makers of the Lego Harry Potter, Lego Star Wars and Lego Indiana Jones games (all of which are wonderful) we can expect a fun ride.

Lego City Undercover is out for the upcoming Wii U Console in December (you can pre-order the game now) and we will update the site as more information is forthcoming.