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Lego Winter Toy Shop – Review (Set 10199)

Lego Winter Toy Shop BoxThe Lego Winter Toy Shop set is a part of Lego’s seasonal Town theme, designed around the special feeling that Holiday and Christmas can bring.

The Winter Toy shop is a great set for setting the mood of the colder months and pairs well with the other Seasonal sets Lego Winter Post Office and Lego Winter Bakery to create a small-village of snowy charm.

The set comes with the Toy Shop, decorated with snow, a large Christmas Tree, street lamps and seats, seven figures and a number of accessories including a light up brick to place in the building.

Lego Winter Toy Shop – Details

Lego Winter Toy ShopLego Set Number: 10199
Pieces: 815
Minifigures: 7 (2 skiers, 2 carolers, 1 woman, 1 toy workshop owner, 1 child)
Price: US $59.99 / £ 44.99
Ages: 12+
Released: 2009
Theme: Lego Seasonal
Our Rating:  (4/5 – A Recommended Set)
Best Prices: We recommend Amazon (Free Shipping).

The holidays are coming, and that means a busy time in the toy maker’s workshop.

This scene from a winter wonderland includes a charming shop filled with tools, toys and even a light-up tower window. Outside, minifigures sing carols by the bench and lamp post, ski on the snow drifts, build a snowman and play with snowballs, and decorate the giant Christmas tree with a star, lights and gift-wrapped presents around the base.

The Winter Toy shop features hard-to-find elements including a transparent yellow star, transparent globe elements to create a vintage lamp, dark tan tiles, Power Functions Light Brick, new black 1x2x3 windows and a new caroler minifigure face.

Lego Winter Toy Shop– A Closer Look

Lego Winter Toy Shop BuildingLego has managed to create a warm, cozy feeling in a Lego set, which considering the whole thing is made out of small plastic blocks, is quite an achievement.

The Lego Winter Toy Shop is a small set with a big heart.

There is lots of detail inside and outside the Toy Shop and the accessories complement it perfectly. Downstairs is a Toy Store with cash register and display area. Upstairs contains the toy makers workshop. The interior area is small but Lego have managed to squeeze alot of detail into the space.

Outside, the large spruce tree is one of the bigger and more well-designed Lego trees we have seen for a long time. It is decorated with the star on top and you can place presents underneath.

The other “environmental” accessory is the street lamp which is beautifully designed as well, with a decorated post and rounded lamp lights. There are too many other details to mention but highlights include the four Lego pine tree pieces that are hard to find in other sets, presents, toys, wreaths and the sheer level of detail on the toy shop.

This set would look wonderful on a child’s shelf at night, illuminated by a night light of some sort. The set does come with a light brick in the upstairs floor of the toy workshop but this needs to be pressed manually to turn it on. Having the option to keep it on would have been nice as the light adds to the warm and cozy feel.

Value For Money: Not as big as other sets for the same piece-count but priced accordingly 4/5
Play Experience: Good seasonal/Winter play potential – 4/5
Pieces & Minifigures: Great- Seven figures with awesome variety – 5/5
Value For Kids:  It is a very cute set with many good pieces and design ideas – 4/5

The Brick Life Rating
Lego Review Ratings 4/5

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