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Cars Lego Sets

Cars Lego – Set Guide and Reviews

Cars Lego SetsThe Cars Lego Sets, based on the films and cartoon from Disney’s Pixar studios first appeared in 2010 as Duplo sets.

In 2011, with the cinematic release of the second Cars film, Cars 2, Lego released sets as part of their regular Lego range, much as they had with Pixar’s other film franchise, Toy Story.

The sets are a great mix of design and character and there are no minifigures with all the main characters assembled as cars from regular and pre-printed Lego pieces.

Cars Lego Sets

  • Radiator Springs Lightning McQueen 8200
  • Radiator Springs Classic Mater 8201
  • Tokyo Pit Stop 8206
  • World Grand Prix Racing Rivalry 8423
  • Mater’s Spy Zone 8424
  • Escape at Sea 8426
  • Ultimate Building Lightning McQueen 8484
  • Mack’s Team Truck 8486
  • Flo’s V8 Cafe 8487
  • Spy Jet Escape 8638
  • Big Bentley Bust Out 8639
  • Ultimate Build Mater 8677
  • Ultimate Build Francesco 8678
  • Tokyo International Circuit 8679

Cars Duplo Sets

  • Mack’s Road Trip 5816
  • Mater’s Yard 5814
  • Lightning McQueen 5813
  • Lego Cars Duplo SetsCars Flo’s Café 5815
  • Agent Mater 5817
  • Luigi’s Italian Place 5818
  • Tokyo Racing 5819
  • Big Bentley 5828
  • The Pit Stop 5829
  • World Grand Prix 5839

The Cars Lego Set Guide

Parents will be happy to know the Cars Lego sets are available in both low piece count/low price for impulse buys or “testing the waters” kits and larger sets for those ready to invest more in the line.

The main character, Lightning McQueen is thankfully available in his own set, of 32 pieces and retailing for $6.99 US. Mater also comes in this affordable format so parents won’t feel compelled to buy any of the larger sets if kids are after just the two pals.

Having these two available as small stand-alone sets is also good for parents on a budget as they can purchase Mater and Lightning McQueen and let kids create scenes and scenarios with the Lego they already own.

The larger sets contain more characters including Luigi and Guido (Tokyo Pit Stop), Finn McMissile and Professor Z (Escape At Sea), Flo, Fillmore, Sarge and Sally (Flo’s V8 Cafe) and more.

Pixar’s Cars

The Cars Lego sets are based around scenes from the two Disney Pixar Cars films and feature popular characters such as Lightning McQueen, Mater, Mack the truck and all the rest of the gang from Radiator Springs and abroad.

In the first film Lightning McQueen, A hot-shot race-car gets waylaid in a sleepy country town Radiator Springs, where he finds the true meaning of friendship and family.

In the second film Lightning McQueen teams up with his best friend Mater for an international adventure as they go up against the world’s fastest cars in the World Grand Prix. Along the way they get mixed up with a spy network and are chased around the world by a covert group of villains.

The characters from Cars have also appeared in short television animated series, Mater’s Tall Tales (available on DVD and Blu Ray)and a number of short films that have appeared as bonus features on DVD and Blu Ray releases.

The popularity of merchandise associated with the films have made Cars the highest earning franchise of Pixar’s impressive portfolio.

Cars Lego became a Lego Licenced product in 2010 and part of the regular System Lego in 2011.

Cars Lego Video

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