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Lego Monster Fighters

Lego Monster Fighters – Set Guides, Images and Reviews

Lego Monster FightersLego Monster Fighters is an original Lego theme, first released in 2012.

With inspiration from Steam-Punk and classical horror creatures like Dracula and the werewolf, the theme centers around a ragtag group of heroes who must battle monsters trying to take over the world.

Lego Monster Fighter Sets 2012

Lego Monster Fighters

Lego Monster Fighters MapIn the land of monsters, in a haunted castle, that…even among haunted castles, stands out as especially brooding and grim, we find the infamous mastermind, Lord Vampyre–who has just completed his research and concoted an evil spell nearly ready to be released—

If …he can just…combine…6 moonstones… currently guarded, by 6 (count ‘em, 6) monsters, his spell will eclipse the sun for good!  Flooding the world in eternal darkness—awakening an entire Monster Army and unleashing MASS HYSTERIA.

Pretty grim.  Right?    But….

Somebody’s keeping L. Vampyre’s sordid group of monster lackeys from bringing him the 6 moonstones he needs.

Who’s waxing the Werewolf? Stifling The Swamp Monster? Vexing The Voodoo Doctor and his Zombies? Keeping The Crazy Scientist and his Monster in check? Making sure The Mummy is under wraps? And who’s keeping Lord V’s Army of Ghosts in their trenches? Who is keeping them all from crossing the threshold to the world of humans???

Lego Monster Fighters

Five Monster Fighters. Five fearless adventurers.

Five indefatigable heroes of countless creepy confrontations—five faithful who have sworn to do battle with these ghouls, sworn to retrieve the moonstones safely, and sworn to prevent Lord Vampyre from plunging the world into eternal darkness!

  • Dr. Rodney Rathbone – the brilliant, aristocratic team leader.  Natch.
  • Ann Lee – adept with a broomstick – a peerless destroyer of Ghosts.
  • Frank Rock – a motorcycle rebel.  He’s avenging a (paranormal) dog-snatching at the hands of Swamp Monster.
  • Major Quentin Steele  – an old-fashioned big game hunter, with a taste for exotic prey.  Right… werewolves.
  •  Jack MacHammer – the burly Scottish lumberjack (keyed on The Crazy Scientist’s Monster).

Together, they are the Monster Fighters.  And their battle to save the world is on!

(Description from Tongol.com)

Lego Monster Fighters Sets 2012

Lego Monster Fighters The Swamp Monster 94619461 – The Swamp Creature

On board his swamp boat, Frank Rock is on the lookout for the Swamp Creature’s moonstone.

If it falls into the hands of evil empire, he could use it to eclipse the sun and plunge the world into eternal darkness!

But can he find a way past his slimy adversary?

Retail price is $6.99 and comes with 70 pieces and 2 minifigs.

Lego Monster Fighters Mummy 94629462 – The Mummy

In her cool helicopter, our hero Ann Lee flies after the Mummy, making an escape in the ghostly chariot.

If she can’t stop the Mummy handing the moonstone over to evil Vampire, the world will be plunged into eternal darkness.

Help her make sure that doesn’t happen!

Retail price is $11.99 and comes with 90 pieces and 3 minifigs.

Lego Monster Fighters The Werewolf 94639463 – The Werewolf

Major Quinton Steele spots the Werewolf’s moonstone under a tree. But it’s an ambush!

As he jumps out of his car to snatch it , the sneaky Werewolf pounces on him from the treetops above!

Can our hero fend him off with his giant blunderbuss weapon and make off with the moonstone?

Retail price is $19.99 and comes with 243 pieces and 2 minifigs.

Lego Monster Fighters Vampyre Hearse 94649464 – The Vampyre Hearse

The Vampire and his faithful zombie are getting away in black hearse.

Can our hero Dr.Rodney Rathbone catch them on his motorbike and steal the moonstone or will Vampire launch a surprise coffin attack and send the doctor spinning out of control?

Retail price is $34.99 and comes with 314 pieces and 3 minifigs.

Lego Monster Fighters The Mad Professor And His Monster 94669466 – The Mad Professor and His Monster (Frankenstein)

Dr.Rodney Rathbone and Major Quinton Steele have stumbled upon the Mad Professor’s evil laboratory.

As our heroes reach for the moonstone, the dastardly professor zaps his ghoulish monster and brings him to life!

Can our heroes escape in their car or will they be thrown in the prison for the rest of their days?

Retail price is $49.99 and comes with 427 pieces and 4 minifigs.

Lego Monster Fighters Ghost Train 94679467 – The Ghost Train

The ghost train is getting away and must be stopped!

Help our heroes Frank Rock and Ann Lee catch it in their acrobatic airplane, suck up the ghosts with the vacuum weapon and grab the moonstone!

But these ghosts won’t go without a fight and want nothing more than to trap the heroes in the Ghost Train prison!

Retail price is $79.99 and comes with 741 pieces and 5 minifigs.

Lego Monster Fighters Vampyre Castle 94689468 – Vampire Castle

It’s time for the final showdown with the evil vampire!

He has gathered all six moonstones at his castle and is about to plunge the world into darkness so that his followers can roam free for the rest of eternity!

Will our heroes Dr. Rodney Rathbone and Jack McHammer be able to avoid the castle’s many hidden spikes, traps and entrances to disable the moonstone device, or will they be capture by the Vampire’s bride and the manbats and thrown in the castle dungeon

Retail prices is $99.99 and comes with 949 pieces and 6 minifigs.

Thanks to The Brick Show for their awesome videos.

Lego Monster Fighter Characters

The Monster Fighters

Team leader Doctor Rodney Rathbone tells us more about his Monster Fighter team and also the creatures they encounter.

Lego Monster Fighters Ann Lee

Ann Lee

Ann Lee is a monster-­‐bashing broomstick fighter ready for anything.

I discovered Ann while looking for a pilot brave enough to chart a course into the monster realm.

She was there in the aircraft hanger, secretly practicing the lost art of broomstickajitzu.

The Ghost Train’s ghoulish conductor won’t see this high-­‐flying threat until it’s too late.

Name: Ann Lee
Hometown: UNKNOWN
Strengths: Archery, broomstickajitzu, pilot’s license, disguising ammo as hair accessories
Hobbies: turning household items into weapons, martial arts and crafts
Monster Arch Enemy: Ghosts

Lego Monster Fighters Frank Rock

Frank Rock

Frank Rock is a motorcycle-­‐riding rebel out for revenge.

I found this wheelie-­‐popping wanderer traveling in search of his missing dog – believed to be stolen by slimy ghouls.

With the swamp boat, pistols and a manly painted-­‐on beard, the Swamp Creature had better head for dry land… and hide.

Name: Frank Rock
Hometown: “I live on the edge”
Strengths: wears his sun glasses at night and never backs down from a brawl
Hobbies: breaking the rules and walking away from explosions without looking back at them
Monster Arch Enemy: The Swamp Creature

Lego Monster Fighters Major Quniton Steele

Major Quinton Steele

Major Quinton Steele is an old-­‐fashioned hunter with a thirst for exotic prey and his claw on the trigger.

The Major and I were introduced when he began searching for a new hunting challenge…in places where few other minifigures dared to go.

Armed with valuable weapons, telescopic vision and nerves as steely as his name, the Werewolf won’t be wagging his tail for very long.

Name: Major Quinton Steele
Hometown: Safaraway, Africa
Strengths: Telescopic eye, rare weapons collection
Hobbies: Target practice, weapon polishing and going to the zoo
Monster Arch Enemy: The Werewolf

Lego Monster Fighters Jack McHammer

Jack McHammer

Jack McHammer is a burly lumberjack, built like the trunk of an oak.

Jack never leaves home without his hammer and manly red beard.

When I came upon this plastic giant I knew I had just the match for the Crazy Professor’s Monster.

Name: Jack McHammer
Hometown: The backwoods of Scotland…or possibly Canada
Strengths: Brute Strength, hammer smashing
Hobbies: Lifting things up and putting them down
Monster Arch Enemy: Crazy Scientist’s Monster

Dr. Rodney Rathbone

Lego Monster Fighters Dr Rodney Rathbone

I am, Dr. Rodney Rathbone, the final member of the Monster Fighters and leader of the quest to save the world.

I am an aristocrat, an adventurer and the great, great, great, grandfig of the first minifig to ever step foot in the monster realm.

Name: Doctor Rodney Rathbone
Hometown: Jolly old London Strengths: Surveyor of ancient maps and very important information
Hobbies: Saving the world from eternal darkness…and writing about it 😉
Monster Arch Enemy: Lord Vampyre

The Monsters

Lord Vampyre

Lord Vampyre is the fang-­‐toothed ruler of the monster realm. A nocturnal creature, he sleeps during the day, hanging upside down or snuggled up in a coffin. His Bride is a deadly damsel and a master of hexes and poisons. The Lord also has several strange, winged henchman called man-­‐bats, who hang out in the castle’s nooks and crannies waiting to strike. He’s always up to no good. But his latest plan to eclipse the sun and inflict eternal darkness upon the world is perhaps his most vile yet…

Lord Vampyre Facts:
Species: Vampiro Brickbitious
Origin: He rules the Monster Realm from the Vampyre Castle
Weaknesses: Sunlight and garlic bread
Powers: Shape shifting into a bat and sleeping upside down
Hobbies: Organ music, dental hygiene, casketball


In the light of day, the Werewolf appears to be just a hairy mini who likes camping and listening to the Grateful Undead. But by the light of the moon, he transforms into a most terrifying minifigure-­‐sized wolf. When encountering this creature, do not attempt to pet him. Along with the obvious threats of biting and scratching with his massive plastic paws, the Werewolf may also have fleas.

Werewolf Facts:
Species: Canineus Dudeius
Origin: The haunted woods of the monster realm
Weaknesses: Rolled-­‐up newspapers and tennis balls
Powers: Shape-­‐shifts between the form of a mini and that of a wolf
Hobbies: Playing fetch, ultimate Frisbee, tie-­‐dying tee shirts and outdoor concerts

Swamp Monster

The Swamp Monster lurks in the Monster Realm’s deep swamps. Built with gills, scales and fins, this ferocious fig-­‐fish is truly a terror of the deep. Do not attempt to outswim him or to store him in a home aquarium. He may be quite aggressive with your other fish.

Swamp Monster Facts:
Species: Scaleyfigius Withfinsius
Origin: The murky waters of the monster realm swamps
Weaknesses: nets, shiny metal lures and flushing toilets
Powers: Strong swimmer, keeping people away from the monster realm’s beaches
Hobbies: diving, splashing and playing marco polo

The Crazy Scientist and his Monster

The Monster was created by the Crazy Scientist. With the bricks of minifigures, monsters and bolts of high-­‐voltage electricity, this creation is half brute strength and fortunately, only half of a brain. His inventor, The Crazy Scientist , is an evil genius, toiling away in a secret lab. Although he lacks strength and possesses no powers himself, he has built an army of creatures to do his bidding.

Monster Facts:
Species: Bigfigius Bricksmashius
Origin: The crazy Scientists lab
Weaknesses: riddles, furry little animals and other methods of distraction…like shadow puppets
Powers: Monster-­‐smashing
Hobbies: Breaking things and getting stitches

The Ghosts

The Monster Realm is crawling with ghosts who guard the Ghost Train and infest the night air. They can’t cause too much trouble, but it’s best to vacuum them up anyway. When you are battling ghosts, attempt to turn on as many lights on as possible, put your fingers in your ears, close your eyes and say, “lalalalalala” until you can no longer see or hear them. They will become bored and leave.

Ghost Facts:
Species: Spookyous Ghoulious
Origin: Dark, spooky or abandoned places
Weaknesses: Vacuums and being ignored
Powers: Flying, popping out of nowhere and moaning
Hobbies: Haunting, school spirit committees and shopping for sheets at Boobash and Beyond

The Voodoo Doctor and his Zombies

No one dares stepping into the graveyards of the Monster Realm for fear of the Voodoo Doctor’s undead legion of zombies. With a black magic spell most evil, the secluded Voodoo Doctor cast a sinister incantation to bring an undead army to life. Don’t let yourself get surrounded by these mindless minis with only one mission…to eat your briiiiiiicks!

Zombie Facts:
Species: notsodeadiuos infectious
Origin: Graveyards
Weaknesses: Pop off their head bricks
Powers: They’ll eat your bricks for breakfast!
Hobbies: Staring contests and competitive eating

The Mummy

Beware the dusty bad lands of the Monster Realm and the lonely desert roads where a ghostly chariot floats through the night. At the reins of this chariot and it’s two fire-­‐eyed skeleton horses, the red-­‐eyed mummy searches for anyone he can take revenge on. Mummies are horrible creatures whose only good quality may be that they’re one hundred percent recyclable.

Mummy Facts:
Species: Toiletigous paperigous
Origin: Haunted pyramids and haunted bathrooms
Weaknesses: 10,000-­‐year-­‐old ancient hieroglyphic scrolls and spray bottles…which make them slow and soggy
Powers: super strength, ancient magic and wiping up spills
Hobbies: paper maché, embalming, wrap music

The Zombie Driver

The Zombie Driver is Lord Vampyre’s hideous servant. He is a faithful, hard-­‐working and rotten creature known to do the Lord Vampyre’s bidding and most horrible errands. His loyalty to his evil master is unbreakable and he is known for putting himself in the most perilous of situations for Lord Vampyre.

Zombie Driver Facts:
Species: Mutantious Sidekickious
Origin: The Vampyre Castle
Weaknesses: Gold star stickers (you may be able to bribe your way out of danger from this brick-­‐kisser)
Powers: running errands and threatening to tell on you
Hobbies: Long walks in the graveyard, potion tastings and doing homework for extra credit

Lego Monster Fighters Articles

Lego Monster Fighters is released in July 2012 and we will update this page as more information is released.

Lego Monster Fighters lite

Lego Monster Fighters Videos and Game

Lego Monster FightersLego Monster Fighters is an upcoming theme for release in Summer 2012.

Check out our Lego Monster Fighters page for more details.

These new Lego Monster Fighter Videos explain the story behind the theme as well as offer an introduction to some of the main characters including Frank Rock, Jack McHammer, Ann Lee, Major Quniton Steele and Dr Rodney Rathbone.

Lego Monster Fighters

The theme involves the evil mastermind Lord Vampire who wants to turn day into eternal night, unleashing the land of monsters into our world.

Dr Rodney Rathbone has put together a team of monster fighters to claim back all the moonstones and stop this tide of monsters from taking over the world.

Looks pretty creepy – But in a fun way!

The sets so far look to draw from the popular steam-punk style and incorporates classic monsters including Frankenstein, The Mummy, The Swamp Creature, Werwolf, Crazy Scientists, Ghouls and Ghosts.

Thanks to Smashing Bricks for the videos.

Lego Monster Fighters Videos

The Story Of Lego Monster Fighters

LEGO Monster Fighters – Jack McHammer

LEGO Monster Fighters – Ann Lee

LEGO Monster Fighters – Major Quinton Steele

LEGO Monster Fighters – Frank Rock

LEGO Monster Fighters – Dr Rodney Rathbone

The Monster Fighters theme will also feature a mobile phone game (out in June) and you can check out more information, games and downloads on the official Lego minisite.

Lego Monster Fighters Articles

Lego Monster Fighters will be out mid-year and we will feature more news as the release date approaches.